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Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Cruises launched a turning point in cruise ship boat design with the futuristic, luxurious, and revolutionary Celebrity Edge in 2018. Passengers control climates from within cabins with just one button or even with their cell phones. These same cabins incorporate 23% more living space and bathrooms are 10% bigger. Innovative spaces onboard include the Magic Carpet, a floating platform that anchors off of multiple decks and multiple spaces that change with the passage of each day. Onboard is Eden, a mixed-use theater and dining area in which nature plays a fundamental role and the Edge Villas, two level state rooms. There’s a lot more to the Celebrity Edge but it needs to be fully explored on your very own cruise vacation.

The cruise fee covers:
Port Taxes, Federal Taxes, Meals*, Non-carbonated sodas**, Insurance, Tips.

The cruise fee no covers:
Canned juices, Alcoholic beverages, Speciality Dining.
* Food: All meals are included on board at established specialty and buffet restaurants. Some specialty restaurants bear an extra cost and service is subject to availability.

You’ll have an opportunity to choose your own preferred dinner schedule, subject to availability.

**Drinks: Some on-board drinks are included. These you’ll find available at established dispensaries: water, American and decaf coffee, and a selection of teas, and ice from ice machines. It is highly recommended that you purchase a beverage package to make your on-board experience that much better.


IMO: Year of construction: Year of remodeling: Tonnage: Registry:
9812705 2018 - 129500 t. -
Boat length: Total passenger capacity: Total crew: Total cabins: Total suites:
306 meters 3373 passengers 1320 crew 1467 cabins 176 suites
Total balconies: Total outside cabins: Total interior cabins:
1012 balconies 148 outdoor cabins 131 interior cabins


Attractions and activities

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge

Services and amenities

Swimming Pool

Próximas salidas de Celebrity Edge

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