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Conoce Royal Holiday

RCI (Resort Condominiums International)

RCI is the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world. With over 4,000 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries, it allows Royal Holiday members to exchange Holiday Credits for weeks in Timeshares. This benefit is free during the first year of having a Royal Holiday membership; from then on you taking advantage of your RCI membership is optional. Ask your Holiday Advisor.


Enrolling in the Rentsure program allows you to rent out the Holiday Credits you won’t use this year. You’ll receive $500 dollars for each block of 15,000 Holiday Credits. That amount can be applied to your annual maintenance fee or other club’s concepts. You’ll be able to rent up to two blocks of 15,000 Holiday Credits per year.

Rentsure is a program just for Royal Holiday members with annual allotments of more than 30,000 Holiday Credits and it’s offered by the sales room at the time of the membership purchase. For more information see the operating rules for the program visit www.rentsureprogram.com

TERRAWIND is Royal Holiday’s best ally!

TerraWind Global Protection is a Travel Assistance Company that provides comprehensive coverage to assist you in the event of any misfortune. Accompanying you on your entire journey, you get the most complete network of Doctors, Dentists, Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Emergency Rooms, and all around the world. With operations in more than 150 countries, you get 24-hour service in all languages.

Additional services available include return travel guarantee, baggage loss compensation, baggage delay compensation, refunds for delayed or cancelled flights, transfer fees, family members’ hotel fees, compensation for travel cancellation, among others.

TerraWind’s commitment is to provide support to make your holiday perfect and worry-free. For more information, check with your Holiday Advisor.

Summer Camp

Your Holiday Credits can take your kids far. As far as attending an exciting summer camp. Nothing like being immersed in a multicultural atmosphere, surrounded by nature, enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities and even learn another language. For more information of how your children can benefit from your membership, ask your Holiday Advisor.