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What is Royal Holiday Rewards?

How do I get my Rewards Credits?

How many Rewards Credits can I earn?

What type of destinations can I book with Rewards Credits?

Can I combine my Rewards Credits with my annual membership Holiday Credits?

Is it possible to complete or modify a booking with the Rewards Credits I receive for the same reservation?

If I cancel a reservation made with Reward Credits, will I lose those Reward Credits?

Can I transfer my Rewards Credits to someone else?

How long before I can use my Rewards Credits?

How can I check my Rewards Credit balance?

How long are my Rewards Credits good for?

Must I be current on all my payments to earn Rewards Credits?

What happens if I fall behind on my monthly financing payments?

Will I obtain Rewards Credits if I cover all my late monthly payments?

Can I exchange my Rewards Credits for cash?


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