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Island Manor Resort

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Island Manor Resort Block Island is a year round fantastic island off the coast of Rhode Island at the upper end of Long Island Sound. With classic New England charm, it's a rocky paradise in Summer and a thoughtful winter escape.The Island Manor Resort is family-oriented, but classy and less than an hour, by boat from the mainland. (Ferries from Montauk run only in the warmer months.)

Picturesque, polished and perfectly content, you'll find just the island atmosphere you hope for in a rugged, windswept landscape. Royal Holiday travelers get a full kitchen, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker in a Studio or Ambassador Suite. DIRECTV with DVD/VHS players make long winter nights a little cozier, but outside, there is always a gorgeous island waiting to be contemplated and, of course, the sea.

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    215 Chapel Street.

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Services and amenities

Within Island Manor Resort
  • Front Desk

  • Playground

  • Children's Pool

  • Housekeeping

  • Barbecue area (BBQ)

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  • Family & kid’s sites

  • Golf Course

  • Waterskiing

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Attractions and activities

Block Island, RI. Block Island is what Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod used to be. Isolated, existentially enlightening, invigorating in a cold, clear, intelligent way. There are beaches. There's a summer party season. There's rocky sea front and a light house and miles of sandy beach trails along those classic leaning fences.But Long Island this ain't!More than 50 specialty shops keep bargain hunters running. Art galleries mean your suitcase should include at least one turtleneck.

Seafood eateries offer up oysters so fresh that only east coast journalists are allowed in the door.A bike ride on Block Island by necessity should include a book of poetry. But there's also hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, kayaking and some of the world's most legendary sailing. Oh, and of course, plenty of wide open space to consider what you're doing here. Answers are on hand too.

  • Crescent Beach
  • Scotch Beach
  • Mansion Beach
  • Ballard Beach
  • Mohegan Bluffs
  • The Greenway
  • Port Judith
  • Farmer's Market
  • North Lighthouse
  • Southeast Ligthhouse

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